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September 25: Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Nearly every cook I know has a recipe drawer. A safe, though normally untidy, place where at least a portion of their precious recipe collection resides. Recipes from Grandma or from the lady you met in the produce section, recipes that your 10 year old concocted that turned out surprisingly tasty, recipes that are just notes you made after eating an especially delicious dish at a local restaurant. My mother had stacks of index cards that she had collected over 60 years, all neatly rubberbanded into categories. Recipes from many friends and family had contributed to that collection. Several attempts were made to persuade her to use a binder, or notebook, but somehow she always slipped back into the comfort of her tidy stacks of cards carefully arranged in the small kitchen drawer closest to her oven. I think keeping them this way made them somehow more intimate, more special. I can still picture her sitting at the kitchen table carefully sifting through one of the well-worn stacks, stopping to read one now and then, searching for that one special recipe that would beckon to her on that particular day.

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